Live Oaks Addiction Professionals is in the process of developing an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that incorporates evidence-based therapy approaches that fruitfully addresses the underlying causes of addiction. The curriculum will address any co-occurring psychiatric conditions that may accompany addiction like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), etc. It will include a holistic approach to mental health concerns and addiction treatment.

Medication Management

Medication management is a service that is designed to optimize therapeutic outcomes for our patients. Therapeutic medication management can be independent of, or can be in conjunction with, the provision of a medication product. It encompasses a broad range of professional activities and responsibilities within the licensed physician’s, or other qualified health care provider's, scope of practice.

These services include but are not limited to the following, according to the individual needs of the patient:

  • Performing or obtaining necessary assessments of the patient’s health status;

  • Formulating a medication treatment plan;

  • Selecting, initiating, modifying, or administering medication therapy;

  • Monitoring and evaluating the patient’s response to therapy, including safety and effectiveness;

  • Performing a comprehensive medication review to identify, resolve, and prevent medication related problems, including adverse drug events;

  • Documenting the care delivered and communicating essential information to the patient’s other primary care providers;

  • Providing verbal education and training designed to enhance patient understanding and appropriate use of his/her medications;

  • Providing information, support services and resources designed to enhance patient adherence with his/her therapeutic regimens;

  • Coordinating and integrating medication therapy management services within the broader health care-management services being provided to the patient


One in five Americans struggles with some form of mental health concern.  Statistically individuals in recovery are more likely to possess a co-occurring psychiatric diagnosis.  Mental health professionals work with clients to identify and treat the sources and symptoms of these and get to know the people they treat these ailments. 

Mental health counselors often see patients on a regular basis (typically once per week or bimonthly)  to address their anxiety, depression, relationship concerns, etc.  Counseling is a vital part of an overall successful treatment plan. Counselors work with a variety of patients and typically specialize in numerous areas such as trauma, addiction, anxiety, or mood disorders.  Live Oaks Addiction Professionals works with mental health professionals that possess specialized training in addiction, trauma, attachment disorders, anxiety, and mood disorders.  Our counselors are also provided with ongoing consultation and training to ensure that they are well-informed on cutting-edge research and effective therapeutic approaches. 

Live Oaks Addiction Professionals

  • Evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with Addiction and Co-occurring Psychiatric Illness / Emotional Disorders

  • Trauma Assessment and Treatment

  • Physical Examination

  • Detox Medications

  • Provide Medication management including Vivitrol, and Suboxone when indicated

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) / Partial Hospitalization Treatment (PHP)

  • Arrange Residential Treatment when indicated.

  • Pharmacogenetic Testing

  • Family Consultations

  • Arrangements for Neurofeedback and EMDR therapy when indicated.

  • Individualized treatment to meet the unique needs of each individual

  • Continuing Care to maintain success

  • Family / Couples therapy

  • Family Education Programs

  • Focus on development of Balance involving mind, body and spirit



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