Live Oaks Addiction Professionals

About Us


Evidence-Based Care

Live Oaks Addiction Professionals promotes successful addiction recovery by providing prudent medicinal and therapeutic support. Live Oaks professionals are dedicated to staying abreast of the latest in evidence-based care for addiction and co-occurring conditions. While Live Oaks possesses a strong commitment to 12-Step Programs (e.g. AA / NA), we promote a multi-faceted approach to addressing the complex needs of each individual patient. Our treatment model merges traditional 12-Step care with scientifically proven strategies such as utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Neurofeedback, EMDR Therapy and indicated medications as needed in a variety of different modes (e.g., individual, couples, and group therapy).


Addiction and Co-Occurring Psychiatric Illness

Most people with Addiction have co-occurring mental health challenges such as Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Bipolar Illness, and others. We believe in truly integrated care understanding when Addiction and Mental Health issues exist, both are primary and require care simultaneously.

Addiction and Trauma

Dr. Carr and his staff understand Addiction as the highly treatable Chronic Brain Disease it is. Live Oaks Addiction Professionals are also diligent in identifying and professionally treating any underlying trauma. Trauma has is too often overlooked. If identified and treated, sustained recovery becomes much more likely.


Dr. Gary D. Carr is passionate in his mission of assisting patients and families with addiction. He works to educate patients, families, educators, and society to transition from a mindset of “good and bad” to “illness and wellness. His vision is a society that sees all persons with addiction treated with the respect, dignity, care and compassion we would afford those with any other life-threatening illness. Dr. Carr makes himself available to all organizations or committed groups of people dedicated to bringing truth, light, reason and common sense to this historically stigmatized illness of Addiction.

“When Addiction and Mental Health issues coexist, both are primary concerns.”

~Dr. Gary M. Carr~