Live Oaks Addiction Professionals

Our Mission:

Evidence-Based Care

“Addiction treatment is a journey to help people get back to the person they were always intended to be.” - Dr. Gary D. Carr


“Addiction is an all too often misunderstood, misdiagnosed, mistreated brain disease that results in untold pain, suffering, and premature death. It robs its victim of all they were meant to be while breaking the hearts of everyone who cares about them. Sadly, even today, Addiction is too often not even taught to healthcare professionals. Our experience nationally with well-treated and monitored healthcare professionals has brought new light to this illness. These professionals enjoy a recovery rate of over 90%!! We must extend this success to all who suffer. Sustained recovery must become our expectation for everyone we treat with this illness.” 



Our Services

Live Oaks Addiction Professionals offer differing services to ensure the highest level of recovery success. 

Intensive Outpatient Programming

Medication Management

Mental Health Counseling